Henrico County Company in Focus: Metro Productions

Henrico County Company in Focus: Metro Productions

In this Spotlight Series video, we rediscover Metro Productions, a full-service video and multimedia production company with roots in Williamsburg, Virginia.

As General Manager Patrick Bedall explains, "Metro Productions was established in 1981, and we got our start in Williamsburg in the tourism industry – basically doing tourism videos for the local area. Out of that came The Vacation Channel, which still runs down in the Tidewater area."

Today the company handles everything from concept development and scripting to high-definition and 3D production, including graphics, animation, editing and delivery services. As reported in our earlier story, Quality Talent Draws Metro Productions, it was talent that first attracted the full-service video production company to the area, but what else about Henrico attracted this firm?

And what does the future hold for this dynamic and creative company? Bedall explains in detail in this Spotlight Series video.

Take a look and discover why so many companies choose to do business in Henrico County!