Commuting Simpler and Faster than Ever in Henrico

Commuting Simpler and Faster than Ever in Henrico

Thanks to short commute times and expanding public transportation for commuters and travelers alike, Henrico County residents are getting where they need to go with ease and efficiency.

In 2016, the average commute time in Henrico County was a mere 22 minutes, with 66% of workers’ commutes in the Richmond metro area under 30 minutes. When compared with the metro areas of Atlanta (31 minute average commute), Washington, D.C. (34 minutes), or Charlotte (25 minutes), Henrico and Richmond area employees are spending less time on their commute and more time being productive. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans typically spend more than 200 hours a year – about five work weeks – commuting to and from work. Henrico’s well-planned road network, range of transportation options, and limited traffic help the average commuter save almost two weeks’ worth of time sitting behind the wheel versus the national average.

Investing in Alternative Transportation

While getting around by vehicle is the most popular means of transportation in the area, Henrico County is taking proactive steps to invest in alternative means of transportation. Thanks to a partnership between Henrico and the City of Richmond, the GRTC Pulse Bus Rapid Transit System will begin service June 24. The modern, high-capacity bus system extends 7.6 miles through the heart of downtown Richmond along the densely populated Broad Street Corridor from Rocketts Landing to Willow Lawn in Henrico. The Pulse and its 3.2 miles of bus-only lanes will reduce transit times to and from downtown Richmond by an estimated 33 percent. Additionally, Henrico has allocated $1.2 million in its 2018-2019 budget to expand GRTC service in other areas of the County, the largest locally-funded expansion of transit service in Henrico in the past 25 years.

GRTC Pulse is only one aspect of Henrico’s and the Richmond region’s commitment to providing quality alternative transportation options for its residents. Amtrak’s Staples Mill train station in Henrico is the busiest train station in the South, with more than 370,000 riders taking advantage of its central location on the East Coast each year. As a result of its popularity, the Commonwealth of Virginia is investing $8.3 million in the station to create 587 parking spaces as well as a dedicated bus loading zone, bike racks, taxi/ride-share parking, improved pedestrian accommodations, additional ADA parking, and two entrances.

It’s also easier than ever for Henrico residents to travel for business or pleasure – and for visitors to reach Henrico. In eastern Henrico, Richmond International Airport (RIC), which broke passenger and cargo records last year, recently added new direct flights to Denver, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Nashville.

High-speed rail routes from Raleigh to Richmond and Richmond to Washington, D.C., are also in the planning stages. While no commitments have been made on these projects, the future of rail and alternative transportation to and from Henrico is bright.

With so many options for getting around, it’s easy to see why so many people come to Henrico for work and stay for life. Find out more about transportation options in Henrico.


Source: United States Census Bureau