Henrico’s GreyGate Builds Customized Data Centers Worldwide

Henrico’s GreyGate Builds Customized Data Centers Worldwide

Make no mistake: Building and maintaining data centers is a complex business. Data center infrastructure requirements include power, cooling, computer racks, and power distribution systems, for example. Raised-access flooring and fire suppression are also important design considerations.

“A typical data center’s infrastructure includes a lot of pieces working together to provide reliable service to keep computers operating at their highest efficiency and capability levels,” says Stuart Carter, Owner of GreyGate, LLC.

GreyGate is a thriving Henrico-based business that builds customized data centers and manages these intricate systems to keep critical operations running 24/7. The company’s clients can be found all over the world – including England, Italy, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Korea, Japan and China. GreyGate’s U.S. clients include Ferguson Enterprises, The College of William & Mary, VCU, NASA and the Department of Defense, to name a few.

Based on Customer Service

Russ Johnson, who is now retired, and Stuart Carter founded GreyGate, LLC, in 2002 after discovering there was a strong need for a customer-centered approach in the data center supply industry. “We started with basically 10 customers we had become close to, and we still have those clients today,” says Carter.

GreyGate designs power systems as simple as a single Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) with batteries to complex systems with backup engine generators and multiple UPS systems. The company also offers products like cooling systems based on actual computer loads and specialized computer racks that are cabled together to perform specific computing tasks. A warranty and service program are also part of GreyGate’s offerings.

“I think the key to our success is customer service, in every part of our business. We listen to our clients and try to learn about their business…”

-Stuart Carter, Owner, GreyGate, LLC


“I think the key to our success is customer service, in every part of our business. We listen to our clients and try to learn about their business, what’s important to them, and then design a system that fulfills their needs,” says Carter. “And we provide follow-up service to keep the equipment and the customers happy. Our business changes all the time. We’re doing things today that we never planned on doing, but the opportunity came to us, and we said, “Yes, we can do this.”

GreyGate has been located on Bethlehem Road in Henrico County for the past eight years. Carter was initially attracted to the location’s close proximity to the interstate, ample 7,000-square-foot warehouse space, and convenient truck accessibility.

Is Henrico County a great place to build a business? “Absolutely!” says Carter. He says Henrico is especially attractive for data center customers who want a diverse range of power grids and multiple fiber trunk options. “We have all those things in this area, so it makes it an attractive area to build on. Plus, the cost of living is good, and there are a lot of resources here.”

“This is a good marketplace," he adds. "The power is good here. We have good outside communication service providers like Comcast and Verizon. You have a number of carriers you can get service from, and that’s important.”

Sourcing Local

GreyGate sources materials and supplies from a network of local resources to keep its data center business thriving, including THOR Systems, J.E. Fifer Sheet Metal Fabricators and Cushing Manufacturing Company.

Henrico County offers infrastructure that supports high-tech industry and development. From co-location and managed data center services, to power suppliers, to manufacturing and supply companies, the entire framework for your business can be built and sustained in Henrico.

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