Legacy Event Honors Successful Henrico Businesses

Legacy Event Honors Successful Henrico Businesses

Henrico County is home to thousands of businesses – a mix of small, mid-size and large companies representing a wide range of industries. Many companies have chosen to stay in Henrico for decades, and a select few – like Richmond International Raceway, IR Engraving and Southern States – have been operating in Henrico for more than 70 years.

"Southern States has a long history of working hard to be the best – the expert in what we do – and in providing outstanding service along the way,” said Southern States CEO Jeff Stroburg. “This is the foundation of our longevity, and why we as a business enjoy operating in Henrico. The county has the same values. It makes it easy to do business here, and we look forward to many more successful years to come."

On May 25, 2017, Henrico County recognized, thanked and honored 39 businesses that have chosen to do business in Henrico for 50 or more years at a special event held at The Dominion Club.


The Heart and Soul of Henrico

“As I walked around this evening and talked to some of you, I was reminded of the history we have in this county – the greatness that exists – and it really comes from companies like yours that have paved the way for us,” said Henrico County Manager John Vithoulkas at the event. “Your business’s longevity and success are a testament to your founders and to the people who have worked for your company over the years.”

“I am – and your County Supervisors are – incredibly proud that you have chosen to locate your business in Henrico County,” added Vithoulkas. “Please know that you are the heart and soul of this county. The history in this room – it can’t be replicated, and we are forever grateful for the things you have put forward.”

Other county officials attending the event included Henrico County Board of Supervisors members Patricia O’Bannon (Chairman, Tuckahoe) and Thomas Branin (Three Chopt), EDA Board members and staff, and Randy Silber, Deputy County Manager, Community Development.


Longevity of Business Success

Representatives from a wide range of businesses were in attendance, including Fin & Feather, Richmond Noland Company, F G Pruitt Inc. and Old Dominion Tractor & Equipment Company. Many of the businesses represented at the event are family owned and operated, with ownership being passed on from one generation to the next – like City Wide Decorators.

“We are a family business,” said Randy Wingfield, owner of City Wide. “My dad started the business in 1953, and I took over in 1992. I’ve been running it ever since. My daughter is involved in it now.” Randy brought his daughter and his wife to the event and expressed gratitude for the recognition of his company. “When I got the invite, I was surprised and thankful that Henrico County would put on a show like this to thank everyone for what they’ve done.” 

MannKidwell Interior Window Treatments, another family-run business, has been in operation in Henrico for more than 60 years. Doris Kidwell who co-founded the business with her husband, Andrew Kidwell Jr., in 1967, attended the event with her son Andrew Kidwell III. “We bought [the business] one night on the telephone and then said, ‘What do we do now?’” she explained. “My husband had a background in interior design and marketing, and he made it work for 30 years, until Andrew took over in 1997.” “I’m pleased to be a part of a successful business that’s based on longevity,” added Andrew Kidwell III. “Business is doing well right now, and we’re very excited.”


Legacy Program Honors Success

While the Legacy event at The Dominion Club honored businesses that have operated in Henrico for 50 or more years, the new Legacy program also presented nearly 200 other companies with a plaque for reaching 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45-year milestones.

“We’re really happy to report that we officially kicked off our Legacy Program last month,” said Felicia Ainsa, Existing Business Manager, Henrico EDA. “The program is designed to be ongoing and honors existing companies that have been a part of the Henrico County business community for 25 years or more. These businesses – many of which are small, family-run companies – are the foundation of the local economy. They give Henrico its personality and style, and we feel honored and proud of the success they’ve achieved here.”

Ainsa reports the Henrico EDA staff diligently researched the Henrico County business license database to find all of the Legacy companies celebrating milestones this year. The process will be repeated annually to recognize additional companies. A formal event to honor the Legacy companies that reach the 50+ mark will be planned every three to five years. See photos of the event and learn more about the Legacy program here.

Are you a business owner? Why not start building your legacy in Henrico today? With competitive operating costs, lively communities and a county management team dedicated to business needs, every size and type of business can find long-term success in Henrico. Visit henrico.com today to learn more.




70+ Years

Southern States                                                                              

Richmond International Raceway                                               

IR Engravings                                                                                   


60+ Years

Westwood Racquet Club                                                             

Jefferson Lakeside Country Club                                                

Old Dominion Tractor & Equipment Inc                                   

Kane Plumbing Co Inc                                                                   

F G Pruitt Inc                                                                                   

Lansing Building Products Inc                                                    

Arthur's Electrical Service                                                             

Custom Kitchens Inc                                                                     


50+ Years

Duke Excavating Services Inc                                                       

Richmond Yacht Basin Inc                                                           

Shade & Wise Inc                                                                           

Fin & Feather - Pet Center Inc                                                      

Aero Industries                                                                               

Three Chopt Animal Clinic, Inc                                                    

Ryerson Inc.                                                                                    

BMG Metals Inc.                                                                            

Harris Electric Co Of Va Inc                                                          

Virginia Wayside Furniture Inc                                                    

Noland Company                                                                           

Custom Auto Top Inc                                                                    

West End Machine & Welding, Inc.                                            

City Wide Decorators Inc                                                             

Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital                                                

Reames & Moyer Inc                                                                     

Molins Richmond Inc                                                                   

S & S Body Shop Inc                                                                      

Richmond Dragway                                                                       

Henrico Internists                                                                          

Tour Plan International Ltd                                                          

The Greenhouse                                                                             

Henrico Furniture Co Inc