“Made in Henrico” Video Spotlights County’s Manufacturing Sector

“Made in Henrico” Video Spotlights County’s Manufacturing Sector

ChapStick lip balm. Robitussin cough syrup. Chips Ahoy! cookies. San-J tamari. These are products many of us have come to know and love. But did you know they’re all made in Henrico County?

Fareva produces ChapStick and Robitussin, Mondelez International makes Chips Ahoy!, and San-J International is famous for its tamari. Henrico County attracts a wide range of other manufacturing companies that have an everyday impact on our lives – companies that make products like margarine, dog treats, dry shampoo, snack foods and beer – and THAT makes for a great video!


“Made In Henrico” Highlights Familiar Products

Ryan Eubank is a natural storyteller and the driving force behind many of the programs that air on HCTV-17, a communications channel managed by Henrico County’s Public Relations & Media Services department. His recent project, “Made in Henrico: A Look Inside the County’s Manufacturing Sector,” recently aired on HCTV (Henrico County Television) on Verizon FIOS Channel 39 and Comcast channel 17.

“I hope viewers are surprised by the number of familiar products that are made right in their own backyard,” says Eubank, who produced and directed the video. “The businesses featured in ‘Made In Henrico’ make products you might not see face to face, but still impact your life in some way.”

“This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the people and technology responsible for those products,” explains Eubank. “The idea for the program was brought to us by Felicia Ainsa at the Henrico EDA. We’ve delved into manufacturing briefly in a variety of other documentaries, but this is the first one solely focused on the topic.”

3 Ways to Watch “Made in Henrico"
  • Access it via Comcast Video on Demand (in Henrico)
  • Stream the replay here
  • Call Tracy Campbell at 804.501.7551 to request a DVD

“Made in Henrico” takes an in-depth look at four unique manufacturing businesses – companies that produce materials we see in our homes, feel when we open a grocery store freezer case, or use to control the comfort of our workplaces. They enhance our lives and keep many other businesses in business! These companies include:

  • IR Engraving  – maker of texture rolls, plates and embossing machinery;
  • Alfa Laval – Sweden-based maker of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling products;
  • Design Ready Controls – control panel and wiring product maker;
  • Kosmo Machine – milling, turning and machining company.

The video, which features Henrico Economic Development Authority Executive Director Gary McLaren, also provides an industry snapshot, a historical perspective on manufacturing in Henrico, and a glimpse into the qualities that attract the manufacturing sector to Henrico.


Key Factors Keep Henrico Manufacturing Strong

Now, more than ever, manufacturers face fierce competition, global pressures and challenges associated with automation. Henrico County stands out, as the video demonstrates, as a place where ventures of any size can thrive.

Henrico’s low Machinery and Tools tax rate and central location make it especially attractive to manufacturing companies. Eubank, “Made in Henrico” producer/director, explains: “Our Central location on the Eastern Seaboard, excellent transportation by air, rail, road and river, the availability of manufacturing sites like those at White Oak Technology Park, as well as a talented workforce make Henrico a great place for manufacturing.”

“The Board of Supervisors for a very long time has recognized that business is what we’ve got to have to keep our tax rates low and provide the services to our citizens we want to provide,” says McLaren in the video. “It’s a good place to do business. It’s a combination of a lot of things – location, business climate, cost structure – but the labor force is the number one factor with just about everyone.”

From pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical companies, to food and beverage companies, to businesses like those featured in the “Made in Henrico” video, Henrico’s labor force, proximity to major interstates, and low Machinery and Tools tax make the county a prime location for all kinds of companies.

Ready to learn more? Replays of the broadcast are available for streaming here or via Comcast’s Video On Demand service (in Henrico). Prefer a DVD? Contact Tracy Campbell at CAM108@henrico.us or at 804.501.7551.