UDig Is Digging for Success in Henrico

UDig Is Digging for Success in Henrico

Technology consultancy UDig has been firmly rooted in Henrico since 2001. The company began its operations at a location on Skipwith Road in Henrico in 2001, but quickly outgrew the 1,000-square-foot space. It relocated to a 2,500-square-foot space in the Innsbrook Corporate Center in 2003, and later transitioned to its current 4,600-square-foot location at 6641 West Broad Street, just behind the Westin Hotel in the Reynolds Crossing Development, in 2009.

Now UDig has outgrown its space again and is moving to a newly purchased property located at 8000 Franklin Farms Drive. The company plans to invest $1 million in internal and external renovations and expects to move into the second floor of the building (12,000 square feet) by the end of the year. 

New Space at 8000 Franklin Farms Dr.

“Because we own the building, we’re able to create a cool environment that’s fun to work in, yet secure technically and physically so our clients’ information is kept secure,” says Andy Frank, UDig Co-Founder and CEO. “The new Class A space will help us attract new talent, as well,” adds UDig CFO Susan Frank, who joined her husband’s company in 2009.

With so many opportunities to move elsewhere, why stay in Henrico?

“If you look at places like Scott’s Addition, which is really hot right now, it’s in the city, and taxes are really high,” says Andy. “Henrico County is just a great county to be in. The tax rate is phenomenal, and they’ve been very helpful with our plans for our new building. They’re really trying to do things for us.”

From Staffing to Consultancy

UDig's consultants

The four-time Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company is a technology consulting company dedicated to turning big ideas into actionable plans. UDig’s projects range from digital strategy to mobile development, data quality and infrastructure automation. But the company wasn’t always in the consultancy space. “We started as a technology staffing company back in 2001,” says Andy. “We’re now more in the consulting and solutions space.”

The directional change occurred in 2014, when Andy saw a need among his client base. “They wanted less staff augmentation and really wanted someone to partner with them to provide solutions and shorten the learning curve for them,” he explains. 

The new business model has dramatically changed the relationship between the firm’s leadership and its employees. “We’re able to invest in them and build a career for them, and we’re able to have a much deeper relationship with them,” says Andy.

Technology Consultancy of Choice

Team UDig

When you hear “UDig,” you may not immediately think “technology company,” but Andy Frank is working diligently to make the company RVA’s technology consultancy of choice. UDig has satellite locations in Hampton, Northern Virginia and Nashville, and employs approximately 140 people.

The firm’s upcoming move is centered around his desire to optimize employee collaboration and increase the company’s fun factor. His desire to keep his team happy isn’t surprising. Feedback from UDig’s staff has helped the firm earn a place among the Best Places to Work in Virginia for the last two years in a row.

What makes UDig a “Best Place”? “I think our transparency, for one,” says Andy. “We’re open and honest with our employees. We also try to keep work fun – which can be a challenge – but we work really hard on adding fun events and creating opportunities for people to do things they love.”

“I think Andy does a great job of encouraging employees to challenge themselves,” Susan Frank explains. “When they ask to take a class and do things that might be outside of their specific skill set, he’s the first to say, ‘Yes! That sounds amazing.’ The employees know we’re invested in their future and their development. You don’t always get that everywhere you go.” 

Expanding Horizons

What’s on the horizon for UDig, besides the big move at the end of this year? “Becoming an employer of choice in the Richmond area, and being able to provide our people with interesting opportunities to work on in the technology, digital, data and engineering spaces,” says Andy. “Most importantly, we’re looking forwarded to expanding horizons, both for our people and our clients.”

We’re glad you’re a part of our business community, UDig! We look forward to partnering with you on your continued growth.